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Please find below some more information on our country and camp in order for you to be more prepared for your visit.

Weather and temperatures:

During March and April we have average high temperatures of 30 degrees and lows of approximately 15 degrees Celsius. May it drops down to average of 26 degrees high and 10 degrees low. June to August will be highs of 18 degrees and lows of 5 degrees and colder. September all the way to end February it picks up again with mid thirties but can get warmer than that. The Northern cape also has a summer rainfall thus rainy season will start at the end of October and can continue until early April.

Clothing and what to bring:

  • Several pairs of hunting long trousers
  • Shorts for the hotter days
  • Short and long sleeve shirts
  • Warm jacket, jerseys or windbreaker
  • Comfortable boots and woollen socks
  • Hat or cap, warm gloves and light rain jacket
  • Comfortable clothing for the evenings
  • If you have camouflage clothing you are welcome to bring it along alternatively dark green , khaki or stone colour clothing. Your laundry will be done on a daily basis
  • Binoculars and Camera
  • International travel adapters for South Africa – see electricity note below
  • Toiletries, personal medication, sun screen, insect repellent and sunglasses

Rifles and Ammunition:

By law a minimum calibre of .375 is to be used to hunt any big game. A .375 is also a very versatile calibre and can be used on every plains game species as well ~ very good soft nose ammunition is always recommended. Recommended for all plains game species would be calibres such as .300 Win mag, 338, 7mm, 30-06.

The choice of ammunition would be a swift A frame, Woodleigh, Barnes X, Nosler partition or Hornady soft nose.

Please note we do have a selection of firearms available to rent should you decide not to hassle with the export and import in and out of your own country.

Liability and insurance.


Visa and passport

Visas vary depending on your nationality, so please check with the lodge or your travel agent to confirm visa requirements for your travels.

If entering South Africa, please note that you will need 6 blank facing pages in your passport and your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months.


The water is safe to drink , but if you would prefer bottled water we will be happy to accommodate your wishes. Please make sure to inform us of any dietary requirements or allergies prior to travel.


We have large round-pin plugs with AC 220V voltage. Plugs vary from country to country, so do travel with a set of adapters to ensure your ability to charge and use your appliances on safari.


We accept all major currencies (USD, GBP, and Euro). If using U$D, please make sure to bring new notes as most countries do not accept old notes (with smaller heads).

Please ensure to have cash with you or the possibility to make a bank transfer as we do not have credit card facilities.